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What is Yummy?

Yummy Maternity Shop

At Yummy Mummy Maternity we’re all about celebrating YOU – just cos you’ve become a mama, doesn’t mean you are a different person.

  • Yummy is about loving your body and the amazing things it can do, both pre and post pregnancy.

  • Yummy is about loving being a woman.

  • Yummy is non judgemental, supporting and inspiring each other as we navigate the minefield of modern mothering choices.

  • Yummy is about what feels right to YOU.

  • Yummy is about nurturing ourselves, our babes, our families, and the earth – she’s a mama too.

  • Yummy is about joining the sisterhood of mamahood!

  • And Yummy is about being a little bit fabulous while you do it.

Why bamboo?

  • Bamboo is luxuriously soft – feels like cashmere on your skin.

  • Bamboo has a natural antibacterial agent which eliminates odour.

  • Bamboo is moisture wicking – absorbs and evaporates sweat and milk spills.

  • Bamboo has thermo-regulatory properties – keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

  • Bamboo is sustainable – grows faster and with less environmental impact than cotton.

  • Bamboo thrives naturally without pesticides or chemicals.

  • Bamboo is hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin or pregnancy skin flare ups.

  • Better for mama, better for baba, better for the planet.

  • Our fashion choices shouldn’t cost the earth.

Yummy Maternity Shop

Why seamless?

  • Flexible fits from bump to babe.

  • Easy sizing that stretches over a huge size range from S/M to M/L.

  • Luxurious fabrics – feel soft and comfy but are tough as nails – hard wearing and hard washing.

  • Completely seam free, tag free and fuss free.

  • Yummy Maternity seamless bras are manufactured using a dense weave which gives them the high quality and wearability we are famous for.

  • Seamless underwear is supportive but not restrictive and is ideal for fluctuating sizes.

  • Seamless undies are comfy enough to sleep in too – essential for the early days of nightfeeds and catnaps.


All our garments are designed to enable easy access breastfeeding. You don’t need fancy flaps and wraps – just good quality tops that you can pull to the side and the fabric will stretch and recover back into shape.

  • Try layering our tank top and ruche top with a button up shirt for the easiest possible and most discreet breastfeeding.
  • Our Belly Band is ideal for breastfeeding in the early, getting-the-hang of it breastfeeding days – simple pull it up as a boobtube and then later use it for tummy cover when you are out and about.
  • Our One and Only Nursing Bra and Cami are the easiest option for quick and easy breastfeeding undies with their one handed clip and release drop cup system, super comfort and super support.