The Bamboo Belly Band



As the creators of the original hit product, the Yummy Mummy Tummy, we are so proud to introduce the Bamboo Belly Band. This is your number one can’t live without preggie product.

Why we love it:

  • Seamless + Bamboo.

  • Adapts to growing belly.
  • Easy sizing – so soft and stretchy that it comes only in S/M and M/L. One size fits from bump to babe.
  • NO seams or tags – nothing to pinch or irritate you.
  • NO labels or branding of any sort so you can wear it completely discreetly.
  • Save a fortune by adapting your non-maternity outfits – still wear your regular jeans with the buttons undone.
  • Hold up too loose maternity wear.
  • Use as a bra in the early days of crazy huge boobs when breastfeeding.

  • Use as soft protective cover over a caesar scar so clothes don’t rub the incision.


Additional information


Grey, Black, White


S/M, M/L


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